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A classic yachting version of your event!

Le Don du Vent invites you to embark on an authentic sailing adventure in the heart of the Parc des Calanques.
Morgiret, Sormiou or Morgiou... Are you up for it?

Seminars, business meetings, revitalisation, receptions, relaxation, incentives...
Avec 30 passagers en mer, le voilier offre une capacité d’accueil rare.

Votre événement sur mesure !

Une immersion en pleine nature
Le meilleur spot pour se jeter à l'eau
Luxe, calme et volupté


Day cruise in the Parc des Calanques


Discover sailing and idleness in the heart of our local treasure, the Parc national des Calanques.

Grab your swimsuit, we'll take care of the rest! We're about to embark on a journey into the heart of nature, where the crew will help you discover the joys of the sea and the most secret corners of these unspoilt areas.

We will stop by this idyllic location for a day of swimming and relaxation. Masks and snorkels will be at your disposal!

Participez aux manœuvres !
Souvenir de nav' avec The Explorers
Bain de soleil dans les calanques

Sunbathing in the calanques


 Breathtaking skies, the setting sun over the Friuli archipelago, fine wine, the golden silhouette of the city receding into the distance,

You will be taken on a sea ride by the crew, where those who want to sail can do so, and the most passionate can let the journey guide them.

We'll drop anchor in the heart of the Frioul archipelago, where you can admire the sunset. At nightfall, the return to the port will be guided by the light of La Bonne Mère.

On n'a pas trouvé de meilleure terrasse...
... ni de meilleur rendez-vous pour le coucher du soleil !
À la nuit tombée, sur la rade marseillaise

Communication, Shootings et Influence

With 130m2 of deck space, le Don du Vent is the ideal place to showcase your brand:
Filming, photoshooting, marketing operations, product launches, fashion shows...

Sailing or in port, your ideas are welcome on board.

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Jean Paul Gaultier


Our rates

(VAT : 20%)


Up to 34 personnes : from 3600 € excl. taxes
De 35 à 44 personnes : à partir de 4 600 € HT

Jusqu’à 60 pers. (in pairs with Eleanor Mary: from 6 600 € TTC


Up to 34 personnes : from 2600 € excl. taxes
De 35 et 44 personnes : à partir de 3 600 € HT

Jusqu’à 60 pers. (in pairs with Eleanor Mary: from 5 000 € HT

The Don du Vent has the ability to alter these costs in the event of additional logistics associated with specific services (Executive Committee, advertising, etc.).
Le Don du Vent is only available all day and in the evening during the high season, from 1 June to 1 October.